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Messages posted by: Admin
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Author Message
The forum is not working anymore, follow up on updates on the discord server.

I restarted it it seems to work now
I've been busy working soon there will be time for working on the game again.
There's no update
Server was down it seems, I've restarted it
Nice !
I restarted server, should work now
I dont know. I haven't done anything to the game lately.
Sugar wrote:Thank you, also are you planning on Steam or releasing update videos/posts.
And any response to the "PS"

Too much wobble ruins the gameplay. Need a better wobble system. Think the new one will have it.
And steam is not really up to me but to the people at steam. Yea one could try but I doubt they accept small games like this.
I'm doing my best. But I'm very busy at work right now. Once I do work on it the progress is fast though. But I cant give you a date right now.
You should make a website for it and a server, so it's easier to play.
juan martin "elproblema wrote:im agree with fuelassemblies but the leter shift (or another ) can be used as a changer of the way you can lean/duck.

Just wait until the new version ok ? my energy is better spent there.
Noted..but any serious update will be in the next version which is a complete rewrite that will take what is best from this game and thrash what is worst..
And of course there will be a lot of new stuff and massive improvements.
Here is a screenshot of it,

PS don't worry you can still switch on block graphics if you want.
Why is that ? pull back has not changed.
Depends, both exist really (look at Tyson) but the old duck would force a clinch way too quick and was a way to get way from trouble 90% of the time, result: Everyone would just duck all the time. It would block any offence, your own and your opponent and would turn it into a Ward fight
The graphics is too bad for that but perhaps next version.
juan martin "elproblema wrote:defense highlights of juanmi in real life

Is that you ? Nice boxing !
provo wrote:they do look like a pair of bums though, i notice both are orthodox too!!!

I modelled them after you
juan martin "elproblema wrote:yeeaah thats what im talking about.in the game you can choose the color of the skin/gloves/short/boots etc? that will be good.

Yep you can.
Hey I came up with this idea. When there's no one online, we could just post a "I'm online who wants to fight" message in this list, then members of the list will
get notified by mail instantly.

An image of the new skins I'm working on..

That might be possible. New game would be able to run on phones. Thing is how do you control your boxer using only a phone ?
I like it, fast. You are steeling my game u..looser !

For good tutorial in new gui:


also if you want to use dependency injection instead of unity crap.


AndreyMust19 wrote: Yes. If you download it, you will be play in that always.
You really think what i infect my game? Who is chief on computer - you or your antivirus?
Sure videogames is harmful to you.

But others will have the same problem. I know you dont infect your own game. I'' have to disable my antivirus to fix it.
My anti virus won't let me download it. Says it has "malware"
Thanks, I will..there will be a real demo out relatively soon.
Hey. New version will have a server in South America as well. Then all you need is to get some of your buddies to play and there will be no lag.
Hey it looks much better now.
I will win here also because im the GOAT !
Pffh fightnight sucks.
Where to download new updates ?
Heh it's actually quite good.
Also what are the controls ? The cpu dont move in local game.
How do you get into the lobby ?
Andrey its not finished yet. I'm just posting what's there, this is not the final game.
I can understand one punch ko but losing on points LMAO !

It might not look like that much, but it represents about 50% of all there has to be done.

Use standard default controls, which is numpad + xcz and v (look them up in the old game if you don't remember).

And numlock must be on.
I know..
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