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Messages posted by: DAVID4GAMER
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Hi, im sorry for posting this answer so late so much time afther but i finally realized that My laptop ASUS, E2 VIsion AMD, Radeon Graphics HD7340 either doesnt have any sort of Open GL or it does but its like a 1.0 version and this game as well as many others requires ope gl 2.0, and since i dont wanna try stuff that i dont know how to do because im afraid to screw up my laptop, ill just try to go with the 2D version. But it will be really nice if the game let you open your own server to avoid lag and so you could play with friends more easily, anyways thank you all for your answers, i really apreciate it.
Admin wrote:That defo has something to do with drivers or your video card. I'm not sure what really..perhaps you could try to update your drivers.

well i tried, i gues the game just doesnt work on win 8, and either can do crap about the open gl problem, but at least i enjoyed the game as much as i could, even the 2D version (even trought that actually like 2 dudes are only playing it on a server from britain so wither i can no nonger play the 2d version or al least try to make a server to invite some friends).

So, i gotta say, thanks for the game, not all the days you find such a ragdoll decent boxing online game
Admin wrote:That defo has something to do with drivers or your video card. I'm not sure what really..perhaps you could try to update your drivers.

i saw answers like that in similar problem requests, but how can i update or check my drivers, im practically a noob and mos of other topics talk abouth the opengl and since i have win8 i dunno how i should do it , does this game work on windows 8? i dont know if somebody with windows 8 has some solution abouth the openGL
Hi, i haven played the game since a while but then i felt like i wanted to play again, i downloaded the 2D and 3D versions since people still plays both, 2D works fine but when i try the 3D, this happens:


if the image doesnt show it says somehting like:

com.jme.system.jmeException: Cannot create window: pixel format not accelerated

im using a laptop of 2gb ram, radeon graphics HD 7340
Hi im Rising Fighters in the game and i was playing this game since last year, its great the game and all, and im sure that other users have asked this sort of questions but im really curious for asking:

1. There will be an carrer mode for single player, yea know, fighting CPU"s, the more higher you get in the ranking the more dificult and advanced will be the CPU"s. (Like in the MS-DOS game 4D boxing)

2. its possible to the game to be offline, and only online in case that a player wants to play in multiplayer, because the fact that the game really needs to be conected to internet to play it really slows most of the times the fights even the "Vs CPU" fights.

3. in further version there will be an control options to use gamepad?.

And well....thats the questions that makes my head spin again and again. So ill be thanking you for answering

PS. 3D Boxing Online, the best boxing game for the PC
there will be an offline version? you know, one who doesnt need internet conection, like if i wana just fight the CPU, or a version with a programed arcade mode.
how i do that?
i saw a message when i open the game that says: "P2P server could not be started" is that a problem and if it is so, what should i do?
PS. in the chat i see the message: Your p2p server at port 11010 is not reachable from the outside, check your firewall settings..if your opponent also has p2p disabled you will play at onlineboxing.net, which could greatly reduce your ping.

Im from mexico, im "Rising-Fighters"
Hi im Rising-Fighters, and i realy like this game but i wana get the 30 fights (no matter win or lose i dont quit exept for bad conection T__T, damn internet), but i dont know if theres more novices like me? or even the bots changing into novice so i could fight them but most of the times theyre in amateur. So i wana let you know that i conect most of the days of the week many many many.........sometimes during all day XD . if someone wana a novice fight. then bring it
What abouth making a prototype of a WBC tittle belt in a future version or making some tournaments online? to make more people to play online at the time.
Hi everyone im new in this game, my usermane is DAVID4GAMER and i am Rising-Fighters in the game and i really love it , i was looking for a good game for PC, then a ragdoll one and finaly i found this game, some time playing later (still novice) i decided to make my video gameplay (vs CPU), while talking abouth the game. its in Spanish cuz im mexican and i wana make others (others who talk spanish) try this game and maybe join to make more fights online.

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